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Tombstone Western Weddings
Wedding in Tombstone

Here you can find pictures of some of the happy couples married in Tombstone by Dr. Jay along with some of their testimonials.

Ross and Dawn Tombstone Wedding
Ross and Dawn
February 2015
Rob and Michelle Tombstone Wedding
Rob and Michelle
February 2015
Kertiss and Jamie Tombstone Wedding
Kertiss and Jamie
February 2015

"Jay and Linda are amazing people! They made our day so special, and they really work with you so you can have the most memorable day of your lives. They incorporated comedy, Bible verses, and made just a beautiful and intimate ceremony for my husband and I. If your getting married in Tombstone, definitely get these guys!!! (: "


Eric and Chandra Tombstone Wedding
Eric and Chandra
February 2015
Deveraux and Ceirra Tombstone Wedding
Deveraux and Ceirra
February 2015
Dale and Linda Tombstone Wedding
Dale and Linda
February 2015

"We chose an outdoor venue for our wedding. Linda and Dr J, we're happy to help us select the City Park because I Loved the Gazzebo. They made our day "special". It was so much Fun, we will never be able to forget it. They made it personalized. The vows had so much stuff about us, we were so surprised . We laughed and cried thru the whole service. I have been telling everyone thinking about getting married to check out the website. Linda and Dr J. were in costume the whole time. It was so "Kool" "

Don & Janet

Casper and Mary Tombstone Wedding
Casper and Mary
February 2015
Carlton and Stephanie Tombstone Wedding
Carlton and Stephanie
February 2015
Anthony and Michelle Tombstone Wedding
Anthony and Michelle
February 2015

"DR Jay, & Linda, are very awesome people, they made our ceremony very unique, funny, and special all wrapped into one. I would recommend these people to anyone who would like a special/fun ceremony!!, Anything you want them to do for you they go above and beyond, and they really like to get to know there couples on a personal level that way they can create a vey special ceremony for you and your loved ones, if you have a sense of humor, they can sure make you laugh and take the tension out of the air!!.....I am so pleased to say, they made our special day mean so much more, Thank-you again for such a awesome experience!!

Love Always The Welch's!

Johnnie and Uneva Tombstone Wedding
Johnnie and Uneva
December 2014
Steven and Corinne Tombstone Wedding
Steven and Corinne
October 2014
Nicholas and Rebecca Tombstone Wedding
Nicholas and Rebecca
October 2014

"Thank you for the best wedding ever. You gave us exactly what we wanted "

Al & Patti

David John and Kristie Tombstone Wedding
David John and Kristie
October 2014
Christina and Paulina Tombstone Wedding
Christina and Paulina
October 2014
Alex and Alison Tombstone Wedding
Alex and Alison
October 2014
Joe and Dollie Tombstone Wedding
Joe and Dollie
September 2014
Aaron and Fabiola Tombstone Wedding
Aaron and Fabiola
September 2014
Earl and Susan Tombstone Wedding
Earl and Susan
April 2014
Russ and Dee married in Tombstone
Russ and Dee
April 2014
Terry and Lisa Tombstone Wedding
Terry and Lisa
April 2014
Lawrence and Jane Tombstone Wedding
Lawrence and Jane
March 2014

"No one could ever come close to the ceremony that you did. it was the most magical thing I have ever experienced. Dr. Jay, you are the best! "

Laurie K. - Tombstone, Arizona

Guy and Deborah married in Tombstone
Hector and Melissa
February 2014
Joe and Margaret Tombstone Wedding
Gary and Beverly
March 2014
Joe and Margaret Tombstone Wedding
Leonard and Michelle
March 2014

"I have recently attended a wedding officiated by Dr. Jay, and I have to say that the ceremony was the most fun of any wedding I have ever attended. "

Glenda L. - Tucson, Arizona

Geoffrey and Tiffany married in Tombstone Arizona
Geoffrey and Tiffany
December 2013
Guy and Deborah married in Tombstone
Guy and Deborah
December 2013
Joe and Margaret Tombstone Wedding
Joe and Margaret
November 2013

"As attendees at a recent wedding performed by Dr. Jay, we must say that we have never been to a more wonderful one. He had us laughing our heads off while at the same time hitting the serious high notes with class. We will never forget this experience."

Mr. and Mrs Steven C. - Sierra Vista, Arizona

Ron and Gracie married in Tombstone Arizona
Ron and Gracie
November 2013
Phil and Dana married in Tombstone
Phil and Dana
November 2013
Roland and Bonnie Tombstone Wedding
Roland and Bonnie
October 2013

"It was so much fun!! Dr. Jay, your words were simply beautiful. You have given me so many great memories......memories that will last me a lifteimte.
Thank you so much! "

Teresa and Mike B. - Huachuca City, Arizona

Alfred and Shenan married in Tombstone Arizona
Alfred and Shenan
October 2013
David and Joyce married in Tombstone
David and Joyce
July 2013
Steve and Jaqueline Tombstone Wedding
Steve and Jaqueline
June 2013

"Dr. Jay & Linda, Thank you again so very much for making our 30th anniversary celebration so wonderful & memorable! Throughout the day, some of our local guests admitted that either they had never been to the OK Corral or had not been there for a long time. Some told us that our ceremony was better than the OK Corral's daily show. Others told us that you two should produce the Tombstone version of "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding"! We did not hear a negative comment all day about the ceremony. Kudos to both of you on that! The people that canceled missed out on something spectacular! We cannot thank you enough, especially for dazzling our out of state guests!! "

Ron & Gracie S.

Bob and Marie married in Tombstone Arizona
Bob and Marie
May 2013
Lawrence and Lana married in Tombstone
Lawrence and Lana
May 2013
Thomas and Bonnita Tombstone Wedding
Thomas and Bonnita
May 2013

"Thank you for the best wedding ever! You gave us exactly what we wanted. "

Al and Patti

Jack and Nora married in Tombstone Arizona
Jack and Nora
May 2013
Dwight and Rhonda married in Tombstone
Dwight and Rhonda
May 2013
Robert and Laura Tombstone Wedding
Robert and Laura
May 2013

"Just wanted to let you know how much you, Dr. Jay and Linda, meant to us on our special day. The wedding service was so much more than I imagined. You really made it a perfect fit for us. I will highly recommend your services to every future bride and groom I meet! Thank you so much for being another sparkling light in our very special day! "

Anthony and Susan married in Tombstone Arizona
Anthony and Susan
May 2013
Michael and Brittany married in Tombstone
Michael and Brittany
April 2013
Sven and Madeleine Tombstone Wedding
Sven and Madeleine
April 2013

"I just wanted to write you and let you know how memorable our wedding was because you two helped make it that way. We had such a great and fun time. We are still talking about it and telling all our friends about it. In fact, I told my grandson, who may be getting married soon, about how much fun it was to have our wedding done in Tombstone and that you two and Jo helped in making it that way. I know that if we ever want to renew our vows we certainly will be doing it in Tombstone with you officiating. "

Alan and Patti married in Tombstone Arizona
Alan and Patti
April 2013
Steve and Joan married in Tombstone
Steve and Joan
March 2013
Johnny and Sherri Tombstone Wedding
Johnny and Sherri
March 2013

"We had the most amazing experience with Dr. Jay and his lovely wife Linda. They made our wedding day so special for us. They both add their own special touches just by listening to your story before the wedding day. They incorporated little things about how we met into our ceremony and made it so special for us. They touched our hearts forever on our special day and we will never forget them! Thank you for giving us the memory of a lifetime. We would recommend Tombstone Western Weddings to anyone looking for the Western Wedding experience. AMAZING!! Thank you "

Randy & Renee' K.

Conner and Jaclyn married in Tombstone Arizona
Conner and Jaclyn
February 2013
Dale and Nancy married in Tombstone
Dale and Nancy
February 2013
Thomas and Cynthia Tombstone Wedding
Thomas and Cynthia
February 2013

"The decision to have Dr. Jay officiate at our wedding was not a difficult one. The way in which he customized our ceremony, and, in particular, the way in which he added some old west humor is something we, as well as all of our guests, are still talking about! If you are looking for something extra special, Dr. Jay is your man. "

Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. - Phoenix, Arizona

Howard and Kari married in Tombstone Arizona
Howard and Kari
January 2013
Wiley and Rose married in Tombstone
Wiley and Rose
January 2013
Michael and Elena Tombstone Wedding
Michael and Elena
December 2012
Jim and Susan married in Tombstone Arizona
Jim and Susan
December 2012
Robert and Kathy married in Tombstone
Robert and Kathy
December 2012
Jeff and Shelley Tombstone Wedding
Jeff and Shelley
November 2012
Wedding in Tombstone

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